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Dusk Diffuser

$49.95 AUD


Hand made with love in Margaret River, Western Australia

Handmade pottery vessel containing 200ml of fragranced oil sealed with a cork and cradled in a bed of rustic wood wool filled baltic wood canister. Also includes a combination of decorative and straight reeds.

Due to the handmade nature of these items customisation may vary from the pictures provided.

Fragrance Options:

Contos Beach - A perfect blend of fruity lime, orange, lemon and peach with rich coconut, vanilla and buttermilk.

Boranup Forest - scent of fresh eucalyptus forest, blends with the velvet moss on the fallen logs.

Cape to Cape Wildflowers - Warm honey fragrances of native wild flowers.

Blackwood River - Soft blend of spices and earthy notes of bergamot and eucalyptus, black pepper and clove bud, cardamom, patchouli and sandalwood and cedar complimented with light minty overtones.

Surfers Point - Capturing the fresh, salty, vibrant, aquatic and vibrant blue of the Indian Ocean.

Redgate Beach - Inspired by our favourite beach, white rushing water, crashing waves and sea salt.

Cabernet Sauvignon - A rich blend of summer ripe plums and tart berries anchored by dark woods and amber. 

Chardonnay -Intense fragrance of juicy peaches and sweet apricots with warm buttery vanilla. 

Merlot - Rich plum and cherry fragrance complimented with toasty spiced earthy notes. 

Semillon - This is a minerally lemon, pineapple and apple fragrance. A complex blend with fresh fruity tropical notes.

Shiraz - An aromatic blend capturing distinct spicy and peppery notes with licorice and smoky undertones.